Cynthia Baird

cynthia-bairdCynthia is excited to be joining the Fall River Chiropractic Team.  She is a Nutrition and Dietary Counsellor with over 20 years of experience in the nutrition, fitness and wellness industry.  Cynthia graduated from Acadian University (1995) with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with Honors.  She completed her dietetic internship in Vancouver, BC (1996).

Cynthia worked for 15 years as a private practice Registered Dietitian, and has more recently focused her counselling on Nutrition for Healthy Living, Healthy Weight Management and Sports Nutrition.  As a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with Goodlife, Cynthia is able to coach her clients to become more active in addition to making nutritional changes.  This combination of healthy food choices and active lifestyle is the key to Cynthia’s clients’ success in improving energy, feeling better, losing weight and becoming healthier individuals.

Long term, sustainable lifestyle changes – this is what Cynthia will coach you on.  By following her step by step guidelines to behavioral change you will start to feel better and see results within the firstmonth.  With continued coaching and support, you will be successful in permanently changing your behaviors and nutritional choices so that you engage in actions that support a healthy lifestyle and a healthier you!

One of the best things about working with Cynthia is that she leads by example.  She is a mother of 2 daughters and feels strongly about setting a positive and healthy example for her children. Cynthia eatshealthily but knows there is always room for a little chocolate; she exercises daily but knows the importance of taking a rest day if you are tired or don’t feel well, and she embraces all the joy that friends and family have to offer.

Cynthia wants to help you discover for yourself how eating well and being active can help you get the most enjoyment and fulfillment from life. You are invited to work with her one on one or as part of a supportive group in her 6 week Healthy Eating Program or 8 week Healthy Weight Program. You can also join her in one of her monthly workshops – complimentary at the Fall River Chiropractic Center.